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IQTELL is a comprehensive task management solution that integrates with Evernote, email, calendars and contacts to get things done.  IQTELL has a two-way real-time sync with Evernote.  Once you connect your Evernote account you can view and manage your notebooks, notes and tags in the context of task and project management inside your IQTELL workspace.

Feature Highlights:

  • Manage Evernote notebooks, notes, and tags inside IQTELL
  • Turn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc.
  • Add Evernote notes as events on your calendars
  • Attach notes as support material to your tasks, projects, and more
  • For additional information watch this video or read these topics in our knowledgebase

Seamless Integration:

  • Adding your Evernote to your IQTELL account is a click away
  • 24/7 real-time sync in both directions, i.e., anything you do in Evernote is synced to IQTELL and vice versa.  This sync includes notebooks, notes and tags.
  • Auto-conversion of notes in Evernote into tasks, projects, someday, and more in IQTELL (all based on tags you apply to notes while in your Evernote account)
  • Here’s a link for our short video on this feature, designated EN2IQ. Is reading your preference? Here’s our knowledgebase topic on this.
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