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FollowUp.cc lets you to create notes, reminders, recurring reminders and tags in Evernote from your Inbox. You don't need to leave your inbox or log into a special piece of software to create notes. Simply use FollowUp.cc's ease and intuitive email formats from any Inbox to create notes.

How does FollowUp.cc work?
Whether you are in Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, FollowUp.cc works the same on all email systems - keeping you productive and allowing you to store important information automatically in Evernote. You can forward important items or if you want to email someone else while creating your note, use the BCC field. To create a note use the FollowUp.cc formats:
evernote@followup.cc to create a note
evernote.1week@followup.cc to create a note and reminders (see all supported time formats here)
evernote.every1week@followup.cc to create a note and recurring reminder (just add "every")
evernote.1week#meeting#sales@followup.cc to create a note, reminder and tags

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