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Capto is a one-stop-solution for all the screen recording, screen capturing, and video making requirements of Mac users. It is powerful, efficient and time-saving.

The video recording feature of Capto, coupled with an advanced audio editor, helps to make the best tutorial videos, reaction videos, online webinars, and the likes! One can cut, trim and join video clips conveniently for the perfect output using the intuitive editing suite of Capto.

Furthermore, Capto’s screen-capturing suite helps in capturing a full screen, an entire scrolling web page, a specific part of it, or even the menus of applications with an easy click. One may then annotate them with numbers, arrows, texts; or blur required areas — Capto helps make images, diagrams, and projects self-explanatory!

Finally, one can drag and drop images with ease to save them in multiple file formats — be it a PNG for the websites or JPEG for personal projects. Capto also comes with one-click sharing options via Evernote, making it easy to transfer files to desired accounts and locations.

Capto is a must-have app for every Mac.

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