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Blinkist helps you learn more, do more, be more—and still spend less time reading. We read 1,000 books a year for you and distill their key insights into powerful, memorable, 15-minute packs. Blinkist lets you brush up on what you already know and find inspiration in books you might never have thought to pick up.

With Evernote, Blinkist becomes even more actionable: all of your Blinkist highlights can be synced directly to an Evernote notebook, so the insights you curate are right at your fingertips, right when you need them.

Learn a book’s-worth of insights in only 15 minutes

  • Read the key ideas from the best nonfiction books in powerful insight summaries
  • Stay up-to-date on new ideas from business, career, self-help, and more

Made for how you like to learn

  • Take your learning offline, online, and wherever you go—Blinkist is made for mobile
  • Listen to audio versions of the books you choose, or read the text
  • Retain more and learn better—our format is scientifically designed to stick!
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  • English (US), Deutsch



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