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Provide faster and better-informed customer support by integrating your team’s Evernote knowledge base into Zendesk. Evernote for Zendesk installs a window into your Evernote notes and makes them available from every ticket.

Close tickets faster - Install the app to quickly reference Evernote from your sidebar. Search any of the support, process, and product notes you and your team keep in Evernote. Or, just let Evernote for Zendesk suggest a smart list of notes related to the ticket you are working on. You can even paste note content into tickets to make responses quicker.

Deeper knowledge with Evernote Business - Evernote Business allows the Zendesk integration to become a communal resource, providing even more context by showing you notes shared by others on your team. Learn more at www.evernote.com/business

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Zendesk brings 60,000+ companies and their customers closer together with their customer service and support ticket software. Learn more at https://www.zendesk.com/

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